ABOUT US 公司简介

      Heyi, the company
      yabo娱乐—注册 (Heyi hereafter) is located in Wangniudun Newton Industrial Park, the city of Dongguan, which is China's pioneer manufacturing  center. Heyi is right off G4 (Guangzhou-Shenzhen) and S3 (Yanjiang) highway and is immediately adjacent to Guangzhou Huangpu Port, one of the busiest sea port in the world that connects Heyi to the rest of the world.

      Heyi has successfully grown to become a manufacturer with products sold to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe, and mainland China, reflecting the worldwide demand for its cutting-edge products. Reorganized in 2010, Heyi is now a privately owned company with limited responsibility and is an independent legal entity with Mr Hecheng Lei as the legal representative. In the same year, Heyi acquired the import and export operation right for general trade goods in China.

      Heyi’s manufacture facility is a four story building with an area of 6400 square meters in total. The facility was designed and built according to Heyi’s world-class delicate specification and requirement, in order to support Heyi’s advanced manufacturing technologies and pave the way for Heyi’s future development. As a part of the industrial park, the facility is managed by Guohong (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., ensuring a stable and welcoming environment for Heyi’s operations and development.



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